Green King 4/0 
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Body: A mix of brown, light and dark green,and a little bit of yellow wool .
Ribbing: From separat starting points, narrow gold, narrow silver and light olive-greensewing tread. These are all wound the reverse way an equal distance apart,but the sewing tread is left until the hackle is put on. The two metal ribs run under the hackle the sewing tread is over it, between the fibres.
Hackle: From end of body, a red Spey-cock hackle wound from the root in usual direction crossing the metal ribs.
Throat: Teal.
Wing: Mallard.
Head: Black.
As you can see I have make some changes on this fly, I didn´t have any red spey cock so i use a green insted. And the ribs......Mr Kelson was in my opinion a little bit to much sometimes, if you understand what i mean, why crossing the ribs?.