(Tied by Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.)



Tag:       Gold twist

Tail:       Toucan, teal and blue chatterer

Butt:      Black herl

Body:     Rear half, embossed silver tinsel

             veiled  with indian crow and butted

             with black herl. Front half black

              floss ribbed with gold tinsel and black


Throat:   Eurasian jay

Wings:    Golden pheasant tippet, teal and peacock

              wing in strands; golden pheasant tail,

              Amherst pheasant, speckled bustard; swan

              dyed blue, yellow and red; bronze mallard

              over top

Cheeks:   Blue chatterer

Topping:  Golden pheasant crest

Horns:    Blue and yellow macaw



Source: Kelson, G.M (1895) The Salmon Fly