“The Yellow Goldfinch (3)”



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Tag: Gold wire/tinsel and yellow floss.
Tail: Golden Pheasant topping.
Butt: none.
Body: Yellow floss.
Ribs: Oval gold tinsel.
Hackle: Yellow cock.
Throat: Blue Jay or Guinea dyed blue.
Wings: Golden Pheasant Toppings x 6,
Sides: none.
Topping: none.
Horns: Red Macaw or Turkey dyed red.


Irish Topping-wing pattern.
Reference: - “Irish Trout & Salmon Flies”- E.J. MALONE.
The Fly Fishers Classic Library.
Edition 1993…page 265.


Obligatorisk til det ĺpne Irske mesterskapet 2005

This is the Yellow Goldfinch 3 from Malone and is tied for the 2005 Championships by Marvin Nolte, USA. Please note that the fly is tied on a Bartleet 1/0 hook which is perfectly acceptable as this hook is of sufficient size for the pattern in question. Therefore if competitors so wish they may use this hook as it is easily available.