Lady Amherst


The Lady Amherst 4/0


GS G.Bonbright

Tag: Silver tinsel and gold yellow silk.
Tail: Gold phesant crest and Teal.
Butt: Black Ostrich.
Body: Silver tinsel(flat)
Ribs: Oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Badger cock.
Throat Teal to the barb.
Wings: Two jungle back to back, double Amherst tippets on each side,
the long ones square and the short rounded.
Sides: Jungel cook.
Cheeks: Kingfisher.
Horns: Blue and yellow Macaw.
Head: Black

The Lady Amherst is an Atlantic salmon fly pattern of Canadian origin which bears resemblance to the British classics. It was originated around 1925 by George Bonbright, who is also known for a various streamer fly patterns. Bates (1996) lists the fly as originally being named "Bonbright #2", but was changed to "Lady Amherst" because of the wing material and to avoid confusion with an earlier fly named "Bonbright #1". It was such a successful fly on the Grand Cascapedia that guides would suggest only this pattern for use, in sizes up to 5/0. It may be dressed with either 2 pair of Amherst pheasant tippets, Ranger style, or as a strip-wing using Amherst pheasant tail.